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Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Mon Jan 14 13:26:40 EST 2008

Thanks Lorenzo, it would be great if you could help.

Your account www.osgeo.org should already give you access to add new  
event items.  You go under your user menu to "Create Content" ->  
"Event" - you should understand the rest no problem.  It would be  
interesting to hear your opinion about how translations also work,  
after you've written the English version first.

Here are some other things I've been trying to do that I'd recommend  
to continue:
* Select "Input Format" to use "Wiki Syntax" - then you can easily  
embed URLs within your text using the [http://linktohere Wiki]  
syntax.  The Input Format options are directly beneath the "Body"  
input box in the new events form.
* Set "URL Path Settings" (further down in the form" and prefix it  
with "event/" and give it a logical name, for example: "event/ 
foss4g_2008" or give more fancy if you wish.. "event/2008/foss4g" etc.

That's all, just keep your eyes open on the discuss list to hear  
recommendations from others.  I've just been choosing what I think  
would be interesting to OSGeo folks or if someone from the group is  
going to be attending.  If you'd like us to remind or forward items  
to you, maybe that would help?  Or we can simply post them to this list?

Any other ideas?  Thanks again!


On 11-Jan-08, at 9:46 AM, Lorenzo Becchi wrote:

> Hi Tyler, I can help for this task.
> how do you normally proceed?
> I'm not always up to date with discuss list but I can try my best.
> ciao
> Lorenzo
> Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We haven't updated much content on www.osgeo.org lately, though I  
>> fixed several translation issues last week.  I was wondering if  
>> anyone felt like doing a bit of updating by taking on the task of  
>> adding some more to the events calendar.  I'm sure you saw my  
>> thread on the discuss list :-)  I was going to start adding the  
>> events but wondered if anyone would like to share the job.  Do you  
>> think we could set up one or two people from webcom to  
>> specifically handle events - like Frank and I handle the news  
>> items. It's pretty low volume and I was just going to add them  
>> myself, but thought I'd see if anyone else was interested in  
>> helping.  I can give you access to add new entries if you do not  
>> have it already.
>> Tyler
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