[Webcom] Spotlights

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Mon Jan 28 00:33:26 EST 2008

Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Micha Silver wrote:
>> Thanks.
>> I need some tips how technically to conduct these interviews, in 
>> order to record the Q's and A's.
> Micha / Bob,
> I'm afraid I dropped the ball on this whole spotlights effort last
> fall.  I'd like to get it going again if you are both interested.  The
> notes I previously wrote up are at:
>   http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Spotlights#Editors
Frank, Bob:
Thanks for stirring the coals on this.  To get started, I thought to 
approach the gvSIG team, and ask to interview one of their developers. 
GvSIG is an unusual FOSS project in that they're more or less fully 
funded by a government body. Development has been very quick, and as you 
know they're in OSGeo incubation now.
Does this sound like a suitable topic for getting the spotlights going?

In addition, in order to keep the pace of 1-2 new spotlight items each 
month we should collate a list of topics in advance, with a rough 
schedule of when they are to appear, and who's going to write each one. 
Where is the best place for maintaining a "stay tuned for..." schedule 
like this?

> I think you both need to get content creation access on the www.osgeo.org
> Drupal instance, if you don't already have this.  To get it, let Tyler
> know your OSGeo userid and he can setup appropriate permissions.
> You will both need to help drive this effort forward as I'm split in too
> many directions to stay properly on top of it.  I'd rather we grind out
> a few spotlights and use them to improve the process than get stalled for
> fear of not doing things perfectly from the start.
> Best regards,

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