[Webcom] Survey and polling tools

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Mon Jun 2 18:05:08 EDT 2008

Hi all, following up from a few different conversations I'm wondering  
what others think of setting up the ability to running polls and  
surveys on "community.osgeo.net" or other domain.  The software is  
pretty much set up already and I don't mind getting a couple of them  

Personally, I really like the idea of having these tools available  
for gathering community input on various fronts.  Since it would also  
not be running on the primary (osgeo1) osgeo.org server it'd be cool  
to give other trusted, interested, folks the opportunity to run it or  
post questions, etc.  Just some thoughts, what do you think?

If this group is generally in favour, then I'd set up a proper front  
page for that drupal instance and set up a survey or two.

Thoughts? Ideas?


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