[Webcom] New OSGeo Wiki Startpage proposal

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Tue Jun 24 09:44:53 EDT 2008


Problem solved. The <div> tag was explicitly blocked in 
LocalSettings.php to prevent spam. I changed $wgSpamRegex with something 
a bit more targeted from: 

If anyone sees spam, LMK and I'll adjust the regex, or we can put the 
div block back after Markus is done ;)


On 24.06.2008 16:14, Wolf Bergenheim wrote:
> Sorry.. It seems that some spam filter doesn't like <div> tags. Looking 
> into it...
> --Wolf
> On 24.06.2008 16:12, Wolf Bergenheim wrote:
>> On 23.06.2008 21:19, Markus Neteler wrote:
>>> I have not the slightest idea what's needed to make <div> working.
>>> Maybe there is something else than $wg_RawHtml=true?
>> Yes. To enable <div> tags we need to do *absolutely nothing!*. That's 
>> right this whole thread has been utterly in vain... Boy do I feel 
>> silly now...
>> Markus, please update the front page :)
>> --Wolf


<:3 )---- Wolf Bergenheim ----( 8:>

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