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Marie Silvestre marie_silvestre at yahoo.fr
Tue May 6 05:05:50 EDT 2008

Hi list !

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De : Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com>
I hope we can also review the translation situation.  Perhaps all is fine,
but I get the sense that translators may need more support?

As a translator for the french speaking LC, I just jumped when I saw this!
All is not fine and the big issue here is more about lack of translators...
But, I think there is still some improvements that can be done quite easily (I guess!) : I asked a few months ago if it's possible to add a filter in the "recent changes" page. I wanted (and I still want) to filter content by locale. I'm copying what I already said : " As more and more people are translating the website, having the possibility to sort recent changes by locale (and just select english one for example) would make it easier for translators to deal with changes, translate news, events, etc."
Tyler answered me that " There is an update to the translation module that will be tested sometime soon on our test server."
Any news from this ?

By the time all this is set (hopfully), is it possible to ask every contributors - even the english ones - to simply add the language in the log message? I'm already doing this and I since we always add a comment, it's not very painfull to add the 2 letters of the language!
What do you think about this proposal?


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