[Webcom] Wiki layout?

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Sat May 10 14:14:19 EDT 2008

Jason Birch wrote:
> Thanks Dave.
> I figured that it would require some template hacking, but it looks
> like it might be easier than that.
> Next question:  Who has admin rights on the wiki and can edit:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Mainpage
> ?
> It would be useful if whoever answers the call could extend admin
> rights to my wiki userid as well (jasonbirch).
> Thanks, Jason
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> From: Dave Patton Subject: Re: [Webcom] Wiki layout?
> #3.3 in the FAQ: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:FAQ

I can edit "Mainpage", but I don't think I have
the ability to grant user rights, and anyway,
the way I read the FAQ answer, that's not what
needs to be done. It needs someone who has the
ability to edit the PHP files (someone from SAC?).
Of course the 'real solution' is to contribute
a fix/update/patch to MediWiki, to make the Logo
URL an easily configurable item in LocalSettings.php
(e.g. $wgLogoHref).

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