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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon May 19 17:15:19 EDT 2008

I'm glad you are finding the Case Studies useful. 
 I started building for the same reason as you, I write proposals and 
regularly need to provide success stories to support my proposals.

I'm interested to hear guidance on Stefan's suggestion of linking to the 
Case Studies from other OSGeo pages.

Stefan Steiniger wrote:
> Hei Cameron,
> today I came accross this informative page. Especially interesting for 
> me was the link UDIg case studies, which seem to be new, and the link 
> to Australian ASIBA report.
> However, what I missed was a proper link to the case studies - from 
> the first page of the wiki (under software or extra?), and 
> additionally from the osgeo homepage. As I think this is interesting 
> in general. But maybe one needs to clean up the things?
> Thank for taking the initative to setup such a listing! This will help 
> me to write another article on the use of FOSSGIS for applications in 
> Landscape Ecology. Since up to know I did only knew on the use of 
> GRASS (and MapWindow) while know I see that UDig seems to have some 
> applications there too.
> cheers from Calgary
> stefan

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