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Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Mon Jan 12 13:14:22 EST 2009

On Wed, December 24, 2008 21:28, Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
> I feel absolutely stupid because I've lost this conversation just to be
> filtered by my mail client to the marketing folder... it will not be the
> last time I'll feel stupid. :-)

Hehe. Stupido! Things like this never happen to anybody else.

> If I can say my opinion, I don't see the need for a re-factory of the
> web site. If you look at the web site of Apache foundation, as ex, they
> have a very simple site: a brief mission definition, news, section, links
> to all resources. same as ours.

I like this suggestion. The web site should give access to the
infrastructure that is operated by OSGeo and not much more. The content
should be reduced to what really is needed from the perspective of
formally running a non profit corporation. No fear of ditching other
"content" or moving it to the Wiki.

We have failed to translate the web site to all languages partly because
it has too much content that does not seems irrelevant and because it is
an extra effort to translate things. The Wiki is much better suitable to
produce and more so to maintain content. Unfortunately it is not multi
language yet but this is something that I would expect WebCom could work

We are missing an obvious access point to a searchable place for
documents, presentations, etc. Tyler has toyed around with a few tools
that make a lot of sense but they are not well integrated into the website

I like http://planet.osgeo.org/ a lot, it makes OSGeo a lively site
without the need off making people produce content that needs to be voted
on by the whole community, board, etc. Why not stream the titles of new
blogs on the main page of the OSGeo web site instead of the spotlights
that nobody seems to want to maintain?


> I don't even see a problem to use google.com to access internal pages. I
> use google.com for most of sites where I don't want to learn yet another
> fancy structure for a site that has a lot of contents. having a lot of
> contacts is a problem in any case. I would not like to see the google
> search inside the site instead. Not even google analytics. Been a web
> master for long time has taught me to avoid scripts that are not
> fundamental on popular sites.
> my 2 cents Lorenzo
> Jason Birch wrote:
>> A LOT of that was Jody, so it's good to hear that he has renewed
>> interest in the Marketing committee.
>> It's out of date, but there is still value there.
>> Jason
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>> +1
>> Jason, I think you are right on track, and I'm really impressed with the
>> webcom Site Focus page linked below. (First time I've read it). It
>> provides the use cases required to design targeted web pages.
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