[Webcom] New website theme is up (not the content though)

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Sat Nov 27 20:20:00 EST 2010

Hi all, you can take a peek at:

http://www3.osgeo.org - this is a *raw* import from the designers who 
converted our design into a Drupal theme.

If it was just a theme though I'd be able  to easily apply this to the our 
migrated site where I started the import.  However, they also pre-loaded this 
into a Drupal instance and set up some sample nodes that link to empty pages 
to show off main->secondary page functionality.  I can get the basics going in 
the migrated site but can't figure out how they loaded the "secondary" page 
style or make nice bold headings in the front page blocks.. etc.

== TODO ==

Sooo... the next thing to do is to decide whether it's more work to try to get 
this theme/templates running on our migrated site (www2) or to do the 
migration import directly into this (www3) site.  Any pro Drupalers have an 

I've also put the raw files accessible in svn:

Register on www3 and shoot me an email to confirm if you'd like in to poke 


Tyler Mitchell
Executive Director, OSGeo
tmitchell at osgeo.org
See you at FOSS4 2011 Denver in September!

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