[Webcom] Uploading files to website

Joanne Cook j.cook at oxfordarch.co.uk
Mon Apr 4 05:28:53 EDT 2011

Dear Web List,

Apologies if this is a n00b question, but I'm trying to work out how to upload files to the osgeo website. I am collecting case studies for the UK chapter part of the site, and would like to upload some pdfs. When I am logged in and on the correct page, and click on the web file manager link, the only part of the site that I appear to be able to upload files to is the conference section. There is no obvious method of moving upwards in the hierarchy from there, or changing the folder name.

I know how to attach files to a page so that they appear at the bottom in a list, but what I want is to be able to put internal links to files in the page text. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance


Joanne Cook
07930 524155

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