[Webcom] Should OSGeo-Live documentation replace pages in OSGeo website docs?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed May 18 16:28:35 EDT 2011

OSGeo Web committee,

I believe we are now at a point where we can practically copy quality 
project descriptions (and their translations) from the OSGeo-Live web 
pages [1] across to the main OSGeo web pages [2].

I'd like to determine whether people think this would be desirable, and 
if so, we should agree on how some of the technical details.

Currently, The OSGeo project contains one page InfoSheets for each of 
the graduated and incubation OSGeo projects. Eg: 

OSGeo-Live contains 1 page "Project Overviews" which contains roughly 
the same information. Eg: 

The OSGeo-Live Overviews include all OSGeo graduated and incubation 
applications (not including libraries), and also includes many other 
stable Open Source geospatial applications - almost 50 of them. We do 
plan to invite libraries to include descriptions in the next OSGeo-Live 

The Overviews are updated with each OSGeo-Live release cycle, every 6 
months. The OSGeo-Live Overviews also link to Quickstarts for each 
application, and have been translated into a German, Greek, Polish, and 
some Japanese and Spanish.

So my questions:
1. Should OSGeo-Live Project Overviews replace existing InfoSheets?

2. Should OSGeo web pages link to all 50 projects on OSGeo-Live, or only 
OSGeo incubating/incubated projects?

3. Should the OSGeo-Live Quickstarts be referenced from OSGeo pages?

4. On a practical level, should OSGeo project links just point to 
OSGeo-Live web pages (easiest), should we embed OSGeo-Live web pages 
inside an iFrame (or similar) on the OSGeo web site, or should we 
maintain a separate copy of OSGeo-Live docs, which are possibly modified 
to remove content like a link to Quickstarts?

[1] http://live.osgeo.org
[2] http://osgeo.org

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