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#202: i18n problems with news and community spot lights
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 I've also noticed this in the past but never looked into it. It appears
 that news items and events will only appear on the translated OSGeo
 website when they have been translated (or at least have been copied to
 the other language). This causes e.g. Dutch readers to see news dating
 back to 2008 to appear on the Dutch version of the OSGeo website and see
 no Events appearing whatsoever.

 Is there a way to configure the News and Event Views of the Drupal
 websites to by default show all News and Event items, irrespective of
 their translation status? That would make these items appear for all users
 using a translated GUI of the OSGeo website :-)

 I looked but couldn't find it. Maybe the only option is to do something
 with a cloned View or so, not sure. I tried to also translate the Title
 and top text for these items, but that was not available by default
 either. (I noticed there is no other language yet that tried to translate
 these things)

 Thanks for any feedback, cheers,


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