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#958: Zoo should be ZOO-Project
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 As per request sent to board / incubation committee:

 Hi Board and  IncCom,

 Thank you very much for including our project into the OSGeo project list,
 on the main OSGeo page !

 At this early stage of incubation process, i would just have only one
 simple request:

 As OSGeo has a policy on writing its own acronym, our ZOO-Tribe do have

 Actually, our project in incubation is listed as 'Zoo' on the right colum
 of the main page (projects).

 It should be properly quoted as ZOO-Project (Not 'Zoo', because others
 projects were named like this after 2009 unfortunatelly and are unrelated
 to WPS or OSGeo...)

 Also, i could notice for now that the wrong 'Zoo' mention is redirecting
 to this: http://live.osgeo.org/en/overview/zoo-project_overview.html

 Of course the ZOO-Tribe is happy to contribute to OSGeoLive every year,
 but our real website, trac and source code is located here since 2009:


 Many thanks in advance you for any help
 Best regards,


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