[Webcom] wrapping up website committee

Ian Edwards iedwards.pub at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 05:47:21 PST 2016

Let's get this underway (apologies I've been quiet until now catching up
with work after Christmas!).

I'm sure the webcom mailing list will be vital for anyone who wants to get
involved, in any capacity, in the site redevelopment...

I propose the following:

1. Keep the website committee, allow an attempt to revive it, and delay any
decision on whether to dissolve it until after the redevelopment (my
expectation is that the committee will have ongoing responsibilities,
follow on priorities, and that there will be plenty to do going forward).

2. First action of the committee will be to form and oversee a work party
specifically to recruit for and redevelop the website.

3. At the end of the redevelopment we may be able to add fresh faces to the
committee from the work party if people are interested in new challenges
going forward.

I'll reach out to current webcom members - I'd like to keep as many members
as possible in an expert advisory capacity.

In the coming 2-3 weeks we'll advertise on Discuss for people to help in
the work party for the actual redevelopment.

Is the board happy to delay dissolving webcom and review this later in the
year based on results of the approach above?


On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 10:30 AM, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com>

> tap tap tap is this thing on? The website committee has been inactive for a
> number of years and is being dissolved by the board.
> The website is a priority for our 2016 strategic plan. We have
> approached Ian Edwards, who has volunteered in this capacity in November,
> about starting a work party backed by an appropriate budget for a website
> refresh.
> If you are interested in joining such an initiative please keep an eye out
> as it is formed in the coming weeks.
> --
> Jody Garnett
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