[Webcom] website committee dissolved

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 02:28:15 PDT 2016

Quick recap, during our January meeting we voted to dissolve the website
committee as nonfunctioning. The response from Ian Edwards was a request to
keep the committee operating so it could tackle an upgrade to a newer
version of Drupal.

Sadly this was unable to happen, Ian Edwards sent the following email on 14

Hi board,
> I've decided to step down as chair of webcom. My original intention was to
> rebuild the site with full multilingual capabilities using Drupal 8.  This
> is not an especially difficult task, but it is too big to take on in
> voluntary time (to do it right) and I've had to focus on paid work for
> family reasons.
> Webcom is currently a bit more active than it has been in recent years with
> a few more recent users now having admin access to the site. Most of the
> board and project leads also have editor access. I've also listed a few
> long term members on the webcom page [1]  who have admin access and could
> always step in to give other users more access.
> I will continue to respond to direct emails for help (and monitor the
> webcom list when I can).
> Ian

With this in mind I would like to make two motions:

(a) ask the board to thank Ian Edwards for his service
(b) to formally dissolve the website committee

I can think of several ways forward, but that can wait until we have a full
roster of board members.

Jody Garnett

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