[webmap-discuss] Roll Call

Pat Cappelaere pat at cappelaere.com
Thu Apr 6 18:07:37 EDT 2006


You mean being able to serve some antiques maps via a WFS! :)
Would be way cool!

> From: Steve Morris <steven_morris at ncsu.edu>
> Organization: NCSU Libraries
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> Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 16:56:38 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [webmap-discuss] Roll Call
> My name is Steve Morris and I'm coming at this from the library
> perspective.  One area of focus is preservation of digital data, in a
> cooperative project with Library of Congress as part of the National
> Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation program.  In this
> context we're mostly looking at preserving the underlying data, but also
> starting to look at the issue of capturing cartographic representations
> through web mapping systems (possibly eventually harvesting WMS tiles,
> mining tile caches, etc.--how do we make a Web Map Context Document save
> data state?)
> As a library we're also moving on from helping people find and use
> geospatial data to helping them find and use geospatial web services,
> and so are interested in discovery systems for web mapping content and
> services, moving beyond content metadata issues to functional metadata
> issues (what do these things do).   There's a growing market of
> application developers that want help in finding content and services to
> use.
> Another connection point is setting up our own map services.  We got out
> of the business of running our own standard map server 5 years ago when
> the data producers started doing it (after that our data copies were
> usually stale in comparison) and are now focusing on serving out niche
> WMS services (later perhaps WFS) for others to use.  Further along we'll
> be interested in coming back full circle to web maps by building our own
> mapping applications on top of the existing and emerging distributed
> services.
> Also, as a sometimes Google Maps hobbyist on the side I've played at WMS
> integration issues and am interested in that context in emerging tiling
> and caching schemes.
> Steve
> Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Wecome to the webmap-discuss list.  Let's kick off with a role call.
>> Introduce yourself and what project(s) you represent.
>> For me: Cameron Shorter, from http://communitymapbuilder.org .
>> My hope is that this list can be used for representatives from
>> webmapping projects to share design and code and help each other
>> address common problems.
>> I hope that before we start new modules we consult with each other and
>> avoid re-inventing the wheel.  Together, we should be able to identify
>> and factor out common libraries.
>> --
>> Cameron Shorter
>> http://cameron.shorter.net
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> Steve Morris
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