[webmap-discuss] Roll Call

mose mose at mose.fr
Thu Apr 6 19:33:13 EDT 2006


I'm mose, free software author living in Paris, France. I went to
mapserver in 2002 to build http://localis.org (which is a sleeping
project now).

I'm still participating in 
* http://developer.berlios.de/projects/spip-carto, a plugin to integrate 
  gis into http://spip.net
* http://e-toil.com a derivate of localis, implemented with postgis 
  (not released yet)
* http://maps.tikiwiki.org is the mapserver subcommunity in tikiwiki
  development community

For now I'm mostly lurking in many places where maps are contributing
to stimulate collective intelligence.



le Wed, Apr 05, 2006 at 09:41:33PM -0700 par Cameron Shorter :
> Hello,
> Wecome to the webmap-discuss list.  Let's kick off with a role call. 
> Introduce yourself and what project(s) you represent.
> For me: Cameron Shorter, from http://communitymapbuilder.org .
> My hope is that this list can be used for representatives from
> webmapping projects to share design and code and help each other
> address common problems.
> I hope that before we start new modules we consult with each other and
> avoid re-inventing the wheel.  Together, we should be able to identify
> and factor out common libraries.
> --
> Cameron Shorter
> http://cameron.shorter.net
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