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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Apr 7 07:11:40 EDT 2006

GIS parts ... that would be a cool name for the project!

On 6-Apr-06, at 7:52 PM, John R. Frank wrote:

>>> Wecome to the webmap-discuss list.  Let's kick off with a role call.
>>> Introduce yourself and what project(s) you represent.
> Hey folks, I'm John Frank.  I founded MetaCarta several years ago.  We
> make natural language georeferencing engines.  We sell primarily to
> enterprises.  To take full advantage of the georeferenced documents  
> that
> our systems produce, we also sell a complete soup-to-nuts text search
> appliance that includes the UMN MapServer and is beginning to include
> elements of the OpenLayers javascript that Schuyler mentioned.
> As Schuyler said, OpenLayers is not done.  It's actually in its third
> ground up rewrite, and we're still learning how to make it  
> practical.  We
> want to build great GUIs for exploring unstructured documents in
> conjunction with maps.  These particular uses overlap with several  
> basic
> uses of maps on the Web, so we would like to base them on a totally  
> open
> source library of AJAX GIS parts.  All the alternatives, including
> OpenLayers, still have shortcomings.  Hopefully discussions on this  
> list
> can figure out how best to address them.  While a diversity of  
> tools is
> good, we will all benefit from figuring out how to share pieces.
> The details of our current thinking will be more visible when we  
> release
> the new version of OpenLayers.
> For the record, my personal interests in mapping involve ecology,  
> racing
> alternative vehicles, and community building.
> John
> --
> ________________________________________
> John R. Frank <john.frank at metacarta.com>
> Founder and CTO
> MetaCarta, Inc.
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