[webmap-discuss] Roll Call

Drew from Zhrodague drew at zhrodague.net
Mon Apr 10 12:52:14 EDT 2006

 	Hi, All, I'm Drew from Zhrodague.

 	I am the co-creator of WiFiMaps.com -- we plot wardriving data 
(wifi + gps) onto TIGER maps using Mapserver. We've been up for 4 years 
now, http://www.WiFiMaps.com

 	We're finally making some headway in rewriting our application. We 
were using PHPNuke as a CMS, but we've changed to Drupal which seems to be 
much nicer. We're kinda leaning towards not using Mapserver, as we really 
lack the proper infrastructure to support it. Instead, we've writen a few 
complimentary and general-purpose Drupal modules, which I'm hoping we can 
get done by the summertime. (Sorry, Carto folks!)

 	Our intention is to publish the wifi data we collect under one of 
the GPLs, so third-party mashups and client packages can make use of it.


Drew from Zhrodague		http://www.WiFiMaps.com
drew at zhrodague.net		http://www.zhrodague.net

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