Meeting to discuss Open Source proposals for OWS4 - in 12 hours

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at
Fri Apr 28 03:38:33 EDT 2006

This is a reminder for the meeting below.

This meeting is likely to be busy, so I suggest that before the meeting 
people identify what OWS4 components they are interested in, then 
suggest items for the agenda.

I'll start:
We (ADI and Mapbuilder team) would like to extend Mapbuilder to address:
* Sensor Web Viewer and Controller
* Temporial Queries of a WFS/WMS
* Use SOAP Bindings for WFS-T (Required for user authentication)
* GML 3.2 Viewer
* GeoDRM client

Agenda items:
* Is anyone (UDig?) addressing OWS Context.  (OWS Context is not 
specified explicity, but the use cases suggest it is needed).

* Is anyone addressing SOAP Bindings.  Geoserver?  Mapserver? DACS?

* Is anyone addressing a WCS or Coverage Portrayal Service (WCPS)?

* I understand that Roderick from DACS is looking into GeoDRM and I'd 
like to work out how Mapbuilder can link in with this. (Might require 
another thread).

* There has been talk about tiling. Is anyone planning to address this 
within the OWS4 framework?

* Please add your suggestions for the agenda:

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> I suggest that the people from the Open Source projects who plan to 
> participate in the OWS4 project get together in a meeting and nut out a 
> coordinated response.
> I'm particularly interested in Mapbuilder and would like to ensure that 
> our proposal dove tails with any Geoserver or Mapserver proposals that 
> are put in.
> Proposed meeting time:
> New York: 1600 Fri
> Paris: 2200 Fri
> Sydney: 0600 Sat
> OWS4 Request for Quotation:

Cameron Shorter

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