Using JSON instead of XML for OGC documents

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at
Thu Nov 16 17:34:31 EST 2006

Context working group,


There has been discussion amongst developers about 
using JSON instead of XML for storing OGC documents (like OGC Context, 
WMC, and probably a host of other documents too).

The reason for considering JSON over XML are:
* In Web Browsers, XML support is patchy.
* Consequently extra code is required to be downloaded to cover all 
* In browser clients, code size is a major consideration as 
* JSON is reportedly faster to process.

JSON reportedly has all the other advantages of XML like being 
structured, easy to read, is supported by multiple languages etc.

One thing discussed is standing up XML<->JSON services.

I'd be interested to hear comments from OGC participants on these ideas.

Feel free to foward onto others more appropriate.

Cameron Shorter

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