[ZOO-PSC] OSGeo incubation motion: change mentor

Gérald Fenoy gerald.fenoy at geolabs.fr
Tue Sep 6 07:33:08 PDT 2022

Dear PSC members,
I would like you to vote on the following motion.

For the OSGeo incubation process to speed up, I propose to change mentor from Dimitris Kotzinos to Tom Kralidis. 

If this motion is accepted, I will take the action of sending an email to Dimitris to inform him about out change proposal for him to accept resigning from the mentor positon. Then, the second action will be to send an email to Tom to inform that everything is in place to get thing moving on.

I hope to cast your votes soon.

Best regards,

Gerald Fenoy
Chair, ZOO-Project PSC

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