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Copying from my blog post ...

Next week, 14-18 November 2011, is a big week for Spatial and Open 
Source Technologies keeping our staff at LISAsoft super busy.

Tue-Thu 15-17 Nov: Spatial at Gov Conference 
Tuesday at Spatial at Gov is an Open Day to meet vendors. You can register 
for free at: 
Wednesday/Thursday will be for presentations. Two presentations 
highlight LISAsoft's work - DSE's PLM geospatial data processing chain 
using Open Source tools is being presented, along with a Gazetteer 
presentation from Australian National Data Service (ANDS) which 
highlights a LISAsoft gazetteer client. LISAsoft has a booth at 
Spatial at Gov and James, Jody, Juliet and myself will all be there. Make 
sure you see us. (I'm arriving Wednesday morning). If you haven't got a 
ticket, then give me a call and I'll meet you outside.

7:45am Thu 17 Nov: OSGeo Breakfast 
We are having an informal gathering over breakfast where you can meet 
others of us interested in Open Source Geospatial Software. We will have 
demos of software available to look at. Register here: 

Mon-Fri  14-18 Nov: Open Source Developers Conference <http://osdc.com.au/>:
OSDC is two days of mini-conferences followed by three days of 
presentations on Open Source Software. LISAsoft's Jody Garnett is 
leading a developer workshop on GeoTools, the leading java based open 
source spatial library used by most java based open source spatial 
applications, as well as by many proprietary applications too. Introduce 
yourself to Jody if you see him floating around.

Mon/Tue 14/15 Nov: GeoNetwork Users Workshop 
This workshop will hear brief presentations from many of the Australian 
agencies who have deployed GeoNetwork, the leading open source metadata 
storage and publishing system.
The University of Woolongong's SMART Metadata Management and Discovery 
System, which is being developed by LISAsoft, is being presented. The 
system is based upon GeoNetwork, GeoServer, Bonita for workflow and a 
Postgres database. Look out for James Sewell who is one of our 
developer/architects on this project and who will be attending on Tuesday.

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