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I'd caution against watering down the OSGeo 'brand' as a source of 
'quality' products, particularly if we want the products accepted as a 
viable alternative within larger organisations.

While it is good to provide pointers to projects of interest, there needs 
to be a clear separation of what is an OSGeo project and what is not. I 
think that it is acceptable to have certain hurdles that a project has to 
pass in order to be accepted into the OSGeo fold.

>From memory, the structure of OSGeo has been based on the Apache 
Foundation. This approach has worked well for that community. I wouldn't 
like to see the approach watered down for OSGeo.


discuss-bounces at lists.osgeo.org wrote on 03/10/2007 06:35:22 AM:

> I'm +1 for OSGeo Labs. It would be a good holding place for projects 
> waiting to go into incubation and for new projects to meet and 
> collaborate with each other.
> The key elements of OSGeo Labs are:
> 1. Labs draws minimal overhead from the OSGeo community. Ie, provide 
> hosting, but not mentoring.
> 2. There is an entrance criteria list for OSGeo Labs which ensures that 
> the project has a goal of becoming an incubation OSGeo project and 
> therefore should be Open Source, Geospatial, etc.
> 3. The decision for accepting a project into Labs should be delegated to 

> a committee (which should be one person but could be more). Aim is to 
> keep the management overhead low.
> 4. OSGeo Board reserves the right to remove projects from Labs if the 
> project dies or is not following OSGeo values.
> I suggest that OSGeo Incubation Committee hold a meeting to vote on 
> Do we have a volunteer to draft the first version of "Entrance Criteria 
> and Guidelines for OSGeo Labs"? You should be able to draw a lot from 
> the Incubation process.

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