[OSGeo-Discuss] End of life for Community Mapbuilder

andrea giacomelli pibinko at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 08:15:10 EDT 2008

Cameron - this is indeed an extremely interesting message.

I need to thank you (and your team) for drafting a communication that
may be of interest for many.

Just a sidebar note, below, as the concept of a "retired application"
made me smile...(see below)

2008/7/28 Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>:
> End of life for Community Mapbuilder
> We, the Mapbuilder Project Steering Committee, have agreed that the time has
> come for the Community Mapbuilder project to gracefully retire. ......
> I suggest a new "retired" category be created which keeps track of retired
> projects.

....to expand on these lines...

...If the retired project belongs more to US, may I recommend it
spends some time on a server located in the Florida Keys.

...If it belongs more to Europe, maybe Provence or Tuscany or other
similar spots may be a good place for retired Mapbuilder to sit...

...If it feels like an Asian project, or from other regions of the
world, I would like to know where Asians, Africans etc - would like to
see it end its days.

no puns intended - I think we are going to investigate more and more
on the full life cycle of geospatial software (as more of these
dynamics should be expected in the future), and I will keep your
initial posting on Mapbuilder as a reference in this respect.


Andrea Giacomelli, aka pibinko
vicepresident and media relations manager - GFOSS.it - Italian OSGeo Chapter

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