[OSGeo-Discuss] online open source polygon mapping, like OSM?

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Fri Jul 29 16:54:44 EDT 2011


Openlayers can build polygons on the map. 

GeoMoose, which is built on top of OpenLayers can also do this. 

In both cases you will need to build out a service to store the created polygons. 


>>> Nitin Gadia <nittyjee at gmail.com> wrote:

Please help!!

Does anyone know an open online mapping platform like openstreetmap that does polygons (OSM only does lines)?

Basically, I'm envisioning something where someone can add polygons such as historical nations, and then be able to animate them. I should be able to type in, say, "1900" and see the way the world was then. I can then edit a map, changing and adding polygons, and their colors and metadata. I should also be able to view areas by, say, population density and other statistics.

The closest thing I've found is "click2map", which is not opensource. Something needs to be created just like it. Try it out, and create a polygon:

I want to help create an open historical map of the world. Check out the work I've done so far:

Also, check this out:

If this is not available, I will do everything I can to help build it!


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