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Carsten Troelsgaard troelsgaard53c at live.dk
Fri Apr 22 04:58:42 EDT 2011

Hi again
I have googled myself to DotSpatial and SharpMap .. I'm sure that I'll feel like a fish in water there. 
My default  moral stand on coding as an unimployed is, that my code is free. I'm trying to keep a stearn eye on the following problem: At times, I write new classes like a cow throws dung, and rarely reuse the stuff again. That's a blatant failure. Once a class has been compiled into a dll, the best it's ever good for, is reuse. I've started at giving proper names to classes and what's inside. A misnomer spells danger. I suppose that the next level to get a grip on, is it's conseptual context or meaning-scoop. 
If I see anywhere that I can contribute I'll certainly let you know.
... and now to the goodies  ......
Carsten, actually you don't necessarily need to get into C and unmanaged code. Indeed the DotSpatial library and the others I mentioned on Codeplex are NOT com/activeX. I do though also run the MapWindow project that has one realization with a very lovely C++ ActiveX control that totally/easily replaces MapObjects, so you can go that route if you want to. But if you are comfortable with managed dotnet code then you should get involved in our DotNet C# projects. - Dan
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