[OSGeo-Edu] Moodle/Content Management System discussion

Charlie Schweik cschweik at pubpol.umass.edu
Sat Oct 13 23:54:04 EDT 2007

Hi all, 

(My full thinking is listed here:
But based on the Moodle discussion -- I've come to this conclusion. I
think we need:

- A MODULE METADATA SYSTEM that allows our OSGeo website visitors to
search for modules, or full courses. 

- This system needs the metadata fields we have listed on the wiki
inventory page: Author Name(s), Affiliation, URL, Description, Keywords,
Date published, Version #, License, Target audience, Language, Relevant
software, Additional comments

- The URL field could link to a Moodle COURSE, or a MODULE stored on a
Moodle system, or any other location within OSGeo's system or external
to OSGeo.

- OSGeo members need to be able to enter new records into this system. 


- Can Moodle do what I'm thinking we need? I don't think it can. I think
we need a database-driven search and post data application with our
metadata fields.

- Am I off in my thinking anywhere? 

- If not, any ideas on how we can get this kind of system established?



On Sat, 2007-10-13 at 10:36 +0200, maria.brovelli at diiar-topo.polimi.it
> Ciao! Me too, I don't have any practice neither with moodle nor with  
> claroline. I'm going to test them next week. Anyway, reading about  
> them, they do not seem so different; therefore if some of the possible  
> major contributor has been working with one of the both, we can choose  
> that one.
> Cheers. maria
> > I have never worked with either, so I have no personal preferences, but
> > have been "shopping" around lately and moodle and claroline seem to come
> > out as the most interesting candidates. But if OSGEO sticks with moodle,
> > I'll just follow the lead.
> >
> > Moritz
> >
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