[El] BigTiff

Hatzopoulos, Nikolaos hatzopou at chapman.edu
Tue Oct 26 17:54:10 EDT 2010

How We can add BigTiff support to gdal?

gdal_merge.py -co bigtiff-yes -of GTiff -o test.tif nax81.tif nax82.tif nax83.tif
Warning 6: Creation option 'bigtiff-yes' is not formatted with the key=value format
ERROR 6: A 44610 pixels x 62319 lines x 3 bands Byte image would be larger than 4GB
but this is the largest size a TIFF can be, and BigTIFF is unavailable.
Creation failed.
Creation failed, terminating gdal_merge.

Nikolaos Hatzopoulos

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