[El] Spatialite

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Thu Oct 28 10:39:20 EDT 2010

> I think that a good support for Spatialite would be desirable. Spatialite is the spatial extension to SQLite.

+1, I would also be interested in having spatialite support

> I will investigate next week if Spatialite will compile on the SQLite provided with CentOS 5.5 or if we would have to include an updated version, maybe taken from Remi's RPM repo.

We already have a more recent version of sqlite in elgis-plus, since
it was required by QGIS:

As usual, it would be better if we could use the one from base, so
that spatialite would not be in elgis-plus, but if it has to be, we
can use/update the existing sqlite package..

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