[fdo-trac] #699: RDBMS: Fixes for classes with inherited associations and constraints

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#699: RDBMS: Fixes for classes with inherited associations and constraints
 Reporter:  brentrobinson                                              |         Owner:  brentrobinson
     Type:  defect                                                     |        Status:  closed       
 Priority:  minor                                                      |     Milestone:  3.6.0        
Component:  GenericRdbms API                                           |       Version:               
 Severity:  3                                                          |    Resolution:  fixed        
 Keywords:  Association Property List Constraint inherited base class  |   External_id:               
Changes (by brentrobinson):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed


 Revision: 5723
 Author: brentrobinson
 Date: 11:30:38 AM, Friday, October 01, 2010
 Ticket#699: Modified the SQL for retrieving unique and check constraints,
 to go against the SQLServer sys views instead of the information_schema.
 This resolves a problem that occurred when ApplySchema created a class
 that inherits from an existing class with check constraint longer than
 4000 characters. The constraint got truncated and the creation of the
 class table failed with SQL syntax error. The problem can still happen but
 the constraint now has to be longer than 32000 characters.

 This change also speeds up the retrieval of unique and check constraints.
 Modified :
 Modified :
 Modified :
 Modified :

 Revision: 5739
 Author: brentrobinson
 Date: 10:27:22 AM, Tuesday, October 05, 2010
 Ticket#699: Added test for creating class based on existing class that has
 association properties.
 Modified :
 Modified :

 Revision: 5740
 Author: brentrobinson
 Date: 8:48:43 AM, Thursday, October 07, 2010
 Ticket#699: Added case for adding class based on existing class with
 Modified : /trunk/Utilities/TestCommon/Src/TestCommonConstraints.cpp

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