[Foss4g2009] Format and Distribution of notes from meetings

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[Foss4g2009] Format and Distribution of notes from meetings

I propose that the "official" method of distribution
for "notes" from meetings of FOSS4G2009 committees
be via a plain text email to this mailing list.

The meeting 'name' and date to be in the subject line.

"notes" would include 'Action Notes', minutes, etc.

- Meetings held on IRC can consider the IRC log to
   be the meeting's minutes, but should send an email
   to this list with a link to the log. It would be
   useful to summarize any action items in the email.
- If plain text is not suitable (e.g. if a tabular
   format is needed for clarity), then attach the
   tabular information in an OpenOffice.org document.
   A summary in the email body of any action items would
   be useful.
- An alternative to attaching tabular information
   to the email would be to enter it into a wiki page,
   but in that case an email must be sent to this list,
   and the email must include a link to the wiki page
   as well as a summary listing all action items.

- printing notes about a meeting from an email and/or
   attached document works better than printing wiki pages
- use of email means everyone gets "a local copy', and can
   manage their own copy of the information as suites their
   way of doing things, especially when they have action items
- mailing list archives are more permanent than editable
   wiki pages
- when people's names appear next to action items in an email
   or it's attachment, a simple reply to the list with some
   information may be enough to complete the actioned item,
   or, a simple reply to the list can let people know about
   progress on the action item

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