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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Dec 11 20:49:41 EST 2008

I was just going to say the same thing then I saw this email :)  It  
will be interesting to see how it evolves, it provides a very nice  
look and feel for a quick mapping application that doesn't need any  
server-side dependencies.

Personally, I find Ext quite heavy compared to Jx + MooTools but I  
haven't enough knowledge of it to state a strong opinion.  I get the  
impression that it is not that easy to customize the look and feel  
either, but I could be wrong - and it looks pretty sweet to start  
with ...



On 11-Dec-08, at 7:47 PM, Jason Birch wrote:

> GeoExt is similar to Jx + the OL client portion of Fusion, GeoMoose,
> etc.  MapFish is a closer analogue to Fusion.
> I was about to say that because it is based on Ext it would have to be
> GPLv3, but then found that ExtJS has exemptions in place for open  
> source
> libraries and applications that encapsulate it.  Didn't see that last
> time I looked.
> This is pretty cool:
> http://extjs.com/products/extjs/build/
> Jason
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> From: Zac Spitzer
> Subject: [fusion-dev] GeoExt
> Just saw this post on planet osgeo,
> http://mapfishblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/geoext-but-why.html
> Seems rather like Fusion, hmmm
> thoughts?
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