[fusion-dev] A defect in ViewOptions widget?

Arthur Liu arthur.liu at autodesk.com
Mon Aug 8 22:24:25 EDT 2011

Hi Mike,

Yes, that's the ticket I'm talking about. ;-)
Just wonder to know if anyone else met the similar problem and to see if there's any workaround.


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I assume you are referring to http://trac.osgeo.org/fusion/ticket/467, I had a quick look at that last week and my guess is that the WKT coming back for the pseudo-mercator is incorrect or not being parsed correctly but I haven't got further than that yet.


On 05/08/2011 4:22 AM, Arthur Liu wrote:
Hi experts,

I meet a strange problem on commercial layer based map, and I think this might be a defect in ViewOptions widget.  I would like to know if there's anyone else who ever met similar issues before.

The map I used  is defined in Google Mercator(EPSG:900913) and it works fine when I use the default unit(meter) ViewOptions.
However, when I change the unit to "degree" in ViewOptions, the displayed value from the CursorPosition is not correct anymore.
The expected value should be (-119.9707, 40.0646), but the value I get is (-120.7833,44.0925). The longitude value is acceptable while the latitude value is far from the correct value.

In ViewOptions widget, it simply does an unit conversion regardless which coordinate system is being used. It just times 0.000009044(degrees per meter pre-defined in fusion.js) based on my original position value to get the result.  I have little experience about coordinate system, but it seems that EPSG:900913 is flatter than other WGS84 coordinate systems. Is it the cause of this issue?  Is it needed for ViewOptions to enhance its function?



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