[fusion-trac] #71: SelectionPanel: Capability to customize display results

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Wed May 28 19:11:23 EDT 2008

#71: SelectionPanel: Capability to customize display results
 Reporter:  aboudreault  |         Owner:  aboudreault
     Type:  enhancement  |        Status:  new        
 Priority:  P2           |     Milestone:  1.1        
Component:  Widgets      |       Version:  1.0.6      
 Severity:  Major        |    Resolution:             
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    State:  New          |       Browser:  All        
       Os:  All          |  
Comment (by pagameba):

 Ok, I agree with adding some customization to the SelectionPanel.  Assefa
 is absolutely correct that the underlying API supports fetching results in
 batches (pagination) and that we are not taking advantage of it in this
 widget.  I think it would be enough to specify the options in the
 ApplicationDefinition rather than have a user-control for that.  I'm not
 sure about switching from vertical to horizontal orientation but it should
 be relatively straight forward to add that too.

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