[gdal-dev] gdal_translate with pixel size parameters?

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Fri Nov 9 14:51:59 EST 2001

>So to increase the resolution by a factor
>of 10 (as you want), you would set the -outsize arguments to be 10x
>the input size of the image.

Okay, that helps make sense, thank you.
I get the message "ERROR 1: Supersampling not supported". I ran gdalinfo
to get the dimensions of the image, then manually entered them using
gdal_translate and the outsize parameter.


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Tyler Mitchell wrote:

> I think I'm misusing some terms, my apologies.
> I would actually like to maintain the output size/dimension of the
> image, but resample an image from 100m -> 10m pixel sizes.


When you say maintain the output size, I assume you mean preserve the
original geographic extents, right? Clearly if you go from 100m pixels
to 10m pixels and preserve the region, the width and height of the image
in pixels and lines will each increase by a factor of 10.

The resampling in gdal_translate is controlled by setting the size of
the output image, not by setting the desired size of a pixel in
geographic coordinates. So to increase the resolution by a factor
of 10 (as you want), you would set the -outsize arguments to be 10x
the input size of the image.

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