[Gdal-dev] Sinusoidal projection for MODIS images with OGR

Chris G. Nicholas cgn at globexplorer.com
Mon Oct 13 03:17:39 EDT 2003

you can also use the MODIS reproject tool, http://lpdaac2.usgs.gov/landdaac/tools/modis/index.asp, to get it in a projection that might perhaps be more familiar...


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Answering my own question here.. the values given by MODIS for lat/lon are
the center of the _image_, not necessarily the center of the projection.
When i tell OGR Sinusoidal, with dfCenterLong=128, the other params 0, then
the image appears more or less where i expect it.  It's still offset a bit,
but it's certainly in the right overall projection.  The offset is probably
due to ellipsoid differences, or some such.


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> Subject: [Gdal-dev] Sinusoidal projection for MODIS images with OGR
> This evening i tried to load some images from the MODIS Gallery
> (http://rapidfire.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/)  They are .jpg, with 
> .jpw world files.
> The projection is described in a separate .txt file, like this:
>  projection: Sinusoidal
>  image center lon: +128
>  image center lat: +38
>  ellipsoid: Sphere
>  Earth radius (km): 6371.007181
> When i looked at OGR for a way to describe this projection, i found:
>   OGRSpatialReference::SetSinusoidal(dfCenterLong, dfFalseEasting,
> dfFalseNorthing);
> This doesn't seem to take a "center lat" parameter, so i'm 
> left wondering how to tell it about the MODIS image?
> Thanks,
> Ben

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