[Gdal-dev] Python Module Build

Alessandro Amici alexamici at fastwebnet.it
Thu Apr 15 17:53:07 EDT 2004


On Thursday 15 April 2004 10:02, Alessandro Amici wrote:
> ok, finally i understand what is going on on MacOS X. i'll try to fix the
> configure/make system ASAP. it is not strightforward, but it can be done
> ;).

mmm, looks like things are harder than i thought along this route :(. i 
couldn't beat the python build into submission, yet.

however, this is what i wrote in january when the macosx link problem was 
reported for the first time:

> the build of the gdal python module has always been fragile, and it has 
> became a real hack since the libtool transition (my fault, admittedly). 
> IMHO the  only hope to get out of the current mess is to use the distutils 
> infrastructure, that hopefully will take care of the OSX problem as well.  
> so i refreshed what looked like an abandoned setup.py in the top directory.  
> current gdal cvs builds and installs fine on linux with:
> $ ./configure <...> --without-python 
> $ make 
> $ python setup.py build
> $ python setup.py install

it still works on linux. could you test if it works on MacOS X as well?


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