[Gdal-dev] jpeg2000 memory management??????

Chapman, Martin MChapman at sanz.com
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Jasper decompresses the whole image when it opens it.  Therefore, large
jp2 files have large memory requirements in Jasper.  ERMapper and Kakadu
handle jp2 files much more efficiently, but the ERMapper version screams
compared to Kakadu (ermapper compression sdk only runs on mac and
windows though, decompression can happen anywhere).  I think they are
trying to fix Jasper to manage memory better but not sure when this will
happen.  I imagine it would require a re-write for them to make it
better.  See www.ermapper.com for a trial version of there SDK.  I
talked to a guy there (ERMapper) this morning and he says the are
releasing there compression technology (for ecw and jp2) as open source
next month. It uses enhanced wavelet compression for J2K so it is way
faster and smaller than Kakadu outout (20:1), although, I currently use
Kakadu and it's very good technology as well.


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i am working on JASPERE code looking for memory efficieny, i found  a
memory leakeage in the code and also a bug in quantization with regards,


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