[Gdal-dev] Importing VMAP0 into PostGIS database;

Martin Spott Martin.Spott at mgras.net
Mon Aug 22 16:10:07 EDT 2005

Martin Spott wrote:

> BTW, I just found out that in order to compile ogdi-3.1.5 on 64 bit
> Solaris you have to alter 'ogdi/c-api/ecs_xdr.c' and turn any
> occurrence of IXDR_*_LONG intp IXDR_*_INT32, see:
> I'll report later if this actually results in a working driver  :-)

No, it does not. Neither does the driver crash nor does it recognise
the VMAP0 data as valid - which it definitely does on 32 bit Sparc.

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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