[Gdal-dev] GDAL Plugin for Open Scene Graph

Alan Ott alan at signal11.us
Thu Oct 20 17:48:16 EDT 2005

GDAL and Open Scene Graph Communities,

I recently had need of the GDAL Plugin for Open Scene Graph and
discovered that it did not support a paletted color map. I added this
mode and have attached the file to this message, but have a few more

1. (For the OSG People) Why the call to image->flipVertical() at the
bottom? For all of my data, I have to re-flip it after loading.

2. (For the GDAL People) Is the RasterDataType guaranteed to be GDT_Byte
for Paletted data?

3. (For the GDAL People) What is the right thing to do if the Color
Table doesn't have an entry for the color specified (Line 408)?

4. For All Palette Interpretations besides RGB, the code is completely
untested and came from either WikiPedia or easyrgb.com. The rest of it
"works on my machine" (with my data), so if anyone could exercise it a
little more (on their machine, with their data, especially if you have a
CMYK or HSL paletted file), that would be great.


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