[Gdal-dev] adding new readers

Robert Soricone rsoricone at usgs.gov
Sat Jan 21 14:47:14 EST 2006

I've just created 2 new readers, which are derived from rawdataset.  If I 
add either one of the drivers to the gdal tree, everything runs fine 
(gdal_translate, gdalinfo...).  If I add both drivers to the gdal tree at 
the same time, the output from the apps (which seem to be running fine for 
the new drivers) is appended with the either: 

Open GDAL Datasets:
  1 N DriverIsNULL 512x512x0


Open GDAL Datasets:
  Segmentation fault

Does this indicate a problem with my drivers, or did I add the drivers to 
the tree improperly?

Thanks in advance,
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