[Gdal-dev] Subdatasets

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 1 15:39:12 EDT 2006

Murphy, David wrote:
> When I try to run GDAL_Translate.. (gdal_translate –of jp2kak 
> gltp:/rpf/d:/rpf:"1:50K at 2@CADRG at DMAAC@0":Matrix  gdal_jp2test.jp2) I get 
> an error message …
> ERROR 1: Invalid URL. The rpf directory is invalid


I believe the issue is that the command shell is "evaluating out" the
double quotes.  It is necessary for the double quotes to be preserved
into the GDAL programs so that they know the colon in "1:50K" is part of
the layer name, not a separator of the different parts of the subdataset

On unix I would add single quotes around things, I'm not sure if that works
in the DOS window.

gdal_translate –of jp2kak \
   'gltp:/rpf/d:/rpf:"1:50K at 2@CADRG at DMAAC@0":Matrix'  gdal_jp2test.jp2

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