[gdal-dev] Re: HDF-EOS vs. GDAL: order of dimensions

Ivan Shmakov ivan at theory.asu.ru
Tue Dec 18 09:45:06 EST 2007

>>>>> Lucena, Ivan <ivan.lucena at pmldnet.com> writes:

 >> I would like to have the last option implemented. This requires addition
 >> of the open option concept to raster core of GDAL.

 > Can we add the user-defined dimension request to the end of the
 > subdataset name string?

 > HDF4_SDS:subdataset_type:file_name:subdataset_index:user-defined-dimension

 > Ex:

 > gdalinfo HDF4_SDS:MODIS_L1B:my-hdf-file.hdf:2:134x2040
 > ^^^^^^^^

 > That will not require any changes in the GDALOpen() API.

	Please note that the point is not to override dimensions, but to
	override their order.  If the data is, say, 100x100x100, its
	spatial dimensions are 100x100, but it obviously does matter
	which 100 are for X, Y and the bands.

	It may be that it's HDF4_SDS:...[:MAY-BE-OPTIONS...] thing that
	needs to be implemented, but GDALOpen () seems to be rather
	overloaded already.

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