[Gdal-dev] GDAL 1.5.0 managed wrapper binaries

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Mar 26 11:51:38 EDT 2008

Maksim Sestic wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need GDAL 1.5.0 managed wrapper binaries (gdal_wrap.dll, ogr_wrap.dll,
> osr_wrap.dll and
> gdalconst_wrap.dll) to start working with "GDAL/OGR in CSharp" port. Are
> wrapper binaries available for download, or I need to compile them myself
> (oh noes)? Already tried using FWTools managed wrappers combined with
> minimalist GDAL 1.5.0 binaries package (gdalwin32exe150.zip) but this won't
> work.


I have asked Chris Howell to work on preparing GDAL 1.5.1 binaries,
and then csharp wrappers as well.  If you want to track progress, please
add yourself to the CC: list for:


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