[gdal-dev] Incorrect blank raster example in the FAQ?

Simon (Vsevolod) Ilyushchenko simonf at simonf.com
Sun Oct 4 18:58:28 EDT 2009


I'm new to gdal, so I could be very wrong about this.

When I tried to follow the example in
to generate a blank geotiff based on a shapefile, I got incorrect
results. Here's what I had to change to generate the correct geotiff.

Instead of:

raster_transform = [src_extent[0], px, 0.0, src_extent[3], 0.0, -px]

I used:

x_scale = (src_extent[1] - src_extent[0]) / tiff_width
y_scale = (src_extent[3] - src_extent[2]) / tiff_height
raster_transform = [src_extent[0], x_scale, 0.0, src_extent[3], 0.0, -y_scale]

I'm not using the px variable at all.

Should the answer be changed, or am I misunderstanding something?


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