[gdal-dev] Ogr2ogr datum shift

Stacy Supak sksupak at ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 15 01:11:54 EDT 2011

Hi community,

Is there a way to add a datum shift parameter to a reprojected shp in an ogr2ogr call? 

I am using ogr2ogr to extract a shp from a postgis database and within the command I am reprojecting features from google Mercator to EPSG 4326. In the process of going from a spherical coordinate system to an elliptical one, the latitude of the  shp is shifted north by .18 degrees. I was informed by a knowledgable member of the listserve that cs2cs could solve this problem, but can this command work on vector data or just coordinates? If it is possible to use cs2cs on a shp, do I simply run the command immediately after the ogr2ogr command?



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