[Geomoose-users] Feature requests and a Tip

Brent Fraser bfraser at geoanalytic.com
Tue May 5 15:35:07 EDT 2009

A few feature requests for Geomoose 2:

1. Make the side panel collapsible like v1.6.1
2. On clicking the Search button, set the keyboard focus to the text box.
3. Have check box at the Group level to turn off/on entire sets of layers.
4. Have dependent layers (like Mapserver's LAYER -> REQUIRES) so if I turn a layer off, it's labels (rendered in a separate map file so they are always on top of everything else) will turn off too.
5. Have check boxes for the Mapserver LAYER level too.

And here's a tip for those who like to maximize their mapping: 

	When using the browser (Firefox, IE, etc) on a GeoMoose site, press F11 to switch to Full-screen mode while in the browser.  This will get rid of all those pesky browser title, status, tool, and menu bars.  Press F11 again to return to standard windowed browsing.  But don't try this with dual (or more!) display setups; Mapserver is set by default to render a maximum of 2048 and the layers will fail to render (for those building GeoMoose sites, set the MAP's MAXSIZE to 4096 or larger to handle dual displays).

Best Regards,
Brent Fraser
GeoAnalytic Inc.

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