[Geomoose-users] v2.0.1 and geocode oddities

Johan Forsman Johan.Forsman at LA.GOV
Mon Nov 16 16:04:12 EST 2009

Thanks, that works!

I also changed the output in geocode.php to report the latlongs rather than return the address since I already know what address I am interested in.

I appreciate the help!

Take care,

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Try commenting out (or deleting) print_r($xml); (line 19) and echo $coordinates; (line 27) in geocode.php.  Those lines are in for testing and returning the XML and coordinates you are seeing before the stuff GeoMOOSE is looking for.


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Hello All.

I am running Geomoose 2.0.1 of the MS4W persuasion, patched from the 2.0.0 release. Everything appears to be functioning well, except I have a bit of trouble convincing the geocoding function to display the results in the Information tab.

I have used Firebug to inspect the data returned by the scripts and it looks quite odd to me. I have attached the complete output from a single geocode request. As you can see there is an entire SimpleXML object in there, not just the results at the bottom. What you see in the attachment is exactly how it looks in the Firebug output and in my copy of Notepad++. I'll freely admit I do not know what it's supposed to look like, but I compared the output to that which is returned on the beautiful Klamath sample Brian Fischer demonstrated last week and in that example only the last part beginning with the <results> tag and including the CDATA is returned. In that application the geocoded link is successfully displayed in the Information tab.

>From what I can tell the address is successfully geocoded, but nothing is displayed in the Information tab. No errors, no info, just blank.

Where do I start looking?

Additionally, my application uses UTM coordinates and the geocode returns latlon, do I need to make additional changes to accommodate this?

Thanks for the advice and the excellent work of the Geomoose creators/maintainers.


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