[Geoprisma-dev] PHP/Mapscript dependencies

Yves Moisan yves.moisan at boreal-is.com
Tue Oct 5 15:23:38 EDT 2010

  Also http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mpm.html says

"MPMs must be chosen during configuration, and compiled into the server 
... The following table lists the default MPMs for various operating 
systems. This will be the MPM selected if you do not make another choice 
at compile-time.

BeOS          beos
Netware    mpm_netware
OS/2          mpmt_os2
Unix           prefork
Windows   mpm_winnt "

So people wanting prefork on windows must recompile Apache or else they 
get the default mpm_winnt.  I tried looking if MS4W had any compilation 
settings for Apache under windows but didn't find yet.

Another interesting post:  http://www.devside.net/articles/php : 
"Warning: We do not recommend using a threaded MPM in production with 
Apache2. Use the prefork MPM instead, or use Apache1."  They also have 
interesting sections like "PHP as an Apache2 module [the right way]".



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